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Prescience is dedicated to the global adoption of life science, clean tech and other high-growth technologies which generate sustainable economic results and have a positive social impact. We engage with private and public clients to create and operate unique innovation centers, design and deliver world-class educational programs, and provide targeted commercialization support services.

Latest News

July 19, 2012

Renascions Corporation Moves into Janssen Labs

July 12, 2012

Saturday conference to showcase ‘ideas’

June 29, 2012
Finance 101 as VCs clue in startups at J&J;’s San Diego incubator

June 12, 2012
San Diego Stands as a Top U.S. Bioregion

June 4, 2012
Merck beefs up bankroll for biotech startups

June 1, 2012
In the Shoes of the Biotech CEO

May 30, 2012
Academia Increasingly Going Beyond Basic Research by Setting up Translational Med Centers

May 25, 2012
New growth industry: Bay Area biotech incubators


Prescience works with high-growth technology companies with challenging investment and risk profiles

  • Life Science
  • Cleantech
  • Other High-Growth Technologies


  • Innovation Centers
    -Business Case
    -Development & Marketing
    -Operations Set Up & Management
  • Executive & Entrepreneurial Educational Programs
    -Business Case-Design
    -Development & Marketing
  • Corporate Growth

    -Business Case
    -Business Development: Financing & Partnerships
    -Sales & Marketing: Customers & Revenues
    -Operations Set Up & Management


Janssen Labs Now Open
Janssen Research & Development has converted 30,000 square feet of research and office space into an innovation center at the company’s La Jolla-based West Coast Research Center. The new innovation center for start-ups, called Janssen Labs at San Diego, has been designed as a flexible lab environment for start-up companies pursuing new technologies and research platforms to advance medical care. Janssen Labs will provide access to certain equipment and leverages site services and facilities enabling a cost efficient way for new companies to progress their scientific work.
BioExec Institute
In partnership with UC Berkeley and Deloitte, Prescience delivers an executive development program on the commercialization of biopharma.
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San Jose BioCenter
Giving emerging companies that “Big Company Advantage”… Accelerating the commercialization of science, the San Jose BioCenter provides a new generation of specialized facilities; capital equipment; laboratory services; and commercialization support for emerging science and technology companies.


Environmental Business Cluster
America’programs.html”> is located in the heart of the Silicon Valley and provides commercialization support and facilities for emerging clean energy and environmental technology companies.