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Ways to Relieve Anxiety in a Natural Way


Ways to Relieve Anxiety in a Natural Way

Anxiety and its symptoms can be very interfering especially if you don’t know how to handle it and you are dependent on medications. However, there are ways for you to relieve anxiety naturally. Through these, you can practice yourself on how you’re going to deal with tough situations and in an unexpected place. Here are the following listed below to help you.

Drinking chamomile tea

This kind of tea has two major ingredients that play a very significant role in relieving your anxiety. These are the luteolin, and apigenin both of these helps you to feel relaxed. According to research and studies, patients who are suffering from mild to moderate anxiety took chamomile supplements for about eight weeks and were found to have a positive effect of decreasing anxiety rather than taking a placebo medication.

Consuming of omega-3 in the diet for three times a day

Omega-3 is known to be as a fatty acid that eases the symptoms of anxiety, and it can lift up your mood thereby decreasing the stress levels in your body system such as the adrenaline and cortisol hormone. Great sources of omega-3 fatty acids such as walnuts, salmon, tuna, canned fish, and flaxseeds. Fish oil is another type of ingredient that is rich in fatty acid which promotes good sleep and eating habits.

Breathing lavender scent

Using this as a massage oil is one way to decrease the levels of anxiety and even stress. Having to inhale the scent of lavender would surely make you calm.

Get a natural sunlight for at least 15 minutes.

The best way to increase your Vitamin D levels is to go outside and bask in the sunlight for at least 15 minutes of your time. You can do this by stepping out early in the morning where the sun is rising new. This will also boost your energy as you see beautiful things.

Involve yourself in physical activities that will drench out the negativity that is in your system. Exercising is one way for you to deal with anxiety. As you are physically active, this increases the level of endorphin which gives you more energy boosts your mood as well.

Cut down caffeine

If you are suffering from anxiety drinking caffeine is not a good remedy for you to boost your energy. Therefore, it is best that you start reducing its consumption and switch to other alternative such as mentioned above.

Eat Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important in the day, and most people nowadays have no more time to eat breakfast because they need to prepare themselves to arrive on time to work. But if you are experiencing anxiety attacks you’d better make time to eat breakfast every day, especially so your anxiety won’t trigger.


Meditation is a good way to eliminate anxiety. Meditating could help you achieve peace of mind and be able to reconnect to your soul. Find a perfect place where you can do meditation such as nature theme places. You can also do it at home, but you have to make sure that your place is at peace, clean and most especially silent so you won’t be destructed as soon as you get it started. Best time to do meditation is in the morning.

An anxiety disorder is indeed a serious illness to tackle. However, there are more natural ways that you can essentially benefit such as other sources that you have forgotten how nature can do well and beneficial for your well-being. But for now, the following mentioned above are your options that you can follow through.